Easter 2013

02 April 2013

We celebrated our risen King at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's house, and the kids had a blast! I think Caleb understands Easter a lot better this year.
It is so much fun having the babies be so close in age, they truly do entertain each other. We put both babies on the playmat and were able to get through all of dinner with them there! The older cousins get along so well also, it is awesome to watch them interact. Kailyn can control Caleb like none other, and he doesn't even mind (most of the time ;) I'm sure they get into more trouble than we know of!
We gave the kiddos their own color eggs to hunt for this year. It seemed to help, but Caleb was still a little confused. He got lots of help from everyone though ;)

This was the golden egg, hello sugar high ;)


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