Christmas Eve 2012

24 January 2013

It is so nice living near family again! We didn't have to travel for Christmas this year, except if you count an hour drive :) We woke up at our home on Christmas eve, and had a relaxing morning before getting ready to drive to Greeley for the weekend.
The morning started out with a bath. Caleb loves bath time, he can stay in the tub for.ever! We shut the door to keep the steam in the room, shut the curtain to contain the splashes, and he goes to town. He got these squirty toys in his advent bags, and the little Toy Story characters for Christmas last year. His favorite thing is to line them up and let his imagination go. He didn't even notice me come into the bathroom and start taking pictures, he was so in his own world :)
Once we were all clean ;) we went to Greeley and spent the day with the Ficek's. We always go bowling as a family on Christmas eve. This was Caleb's second year to be included, and he was WAY into it this year.
Uncle Tyler came home for Christmas, and Caleb was so excited to have his buddy back!
After bowling we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner and gifts. We always have Chinese food for dinner, followed by the record 'the inn keeper, and we added in Claymation Christmas, then gifts.
Poor Amanda was pretty sick, although she looks pretty happy here.
It was Hudson's first Christmas Eve, and we couldn't have asked for a better gift!


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