Christmas 2012

24 January 2013

On Christmas Eve we hung our stockings up at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's house so that Santa knew where to find us :) This Christmas was a lot of fun! It was Hudson's first Christmas, and the first Christmas that Caleb woke up with a lot of anticipation for the day.
We held Caleb off in our room while we waited for Grandpa and uncle Garrett to get up, let me tell you that was a chore.
Look Santa brought Caleb a space ship, how did he know ;)
Our sweet baby boy just took it all in! He is so relaxed and just goes with the flow, what a change :)
We had Christmas dinner at The Ranous' home. Someone might have had a little bit of sugar at this point! Shanna was about to pop at this point (although Kinsley decided to wait until her due date of Jan. 4th).
Of course the men had to get a little shut eye in. What's that sign mysteriously hanging over Garrett's head?
We decided to give the kiddos a little more sugar, who needs to sleep right?! Grandma made a train snicker doodle cake and let the kids decorate it. I don't think Caleb would normally stay this interested in it, but Grandma kept letting him sneak his hand into the "m&m treats" bowl.
Mommy wanted a picture without Caleb's space ship...bad idea!
Okay, Mommy conceded that he could hold the spaceship as long as I could get just one picture of the whole family ;)


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