Advent Activities

09 January 2013

This year I got the grand idea to make advent bags a couple of days before December. Yeah, I think that I should plan that out a little better next year :) most of the bags had a little toy or a piece of candy, and a few of them had some activities.
The first activity was to write a letter to Santa. Every.single.thing on his list related to Cars2. I was however able to convince him to ask for a space ship, and it was a good thing because that is exactly what Santa brought him ;)
Caleb and his friend Avie made salt dough ornaments. Although they didn't come out exactly as planned, the kiddos had fun and I have something to put on the Christmas tree to remember this age.
Caleb and I went on a date to get Daddy and Hudson Christmas gifts. It was fun to get some one on one time with him. We had fish tacos, in which Caleb was so distracted by the Nemo bag that he hardly ate. We also played in the play area and then got hot cocoa to go. Now anytime that Caleb and I go out together alone he says we're on a date :)
Brad took Caleb on a date as well, but the activities were some sort of secret shananagins.
Caleb has always liked looking at Christmas lights. We surprised him one night and told him that he could stay up late to look at the lights. So we made hot chocolate and bundled him up in blankets. Below is his reaction :) Although we weren't able to find a neighborhood like Deerfield in Plano, we found one house with "dancing" lights that made up for it.


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