Hudson's Nursery

01 November 2012

I finally finished Hudson's nursery just before his arrival. We were pretty sure that he was going to be early, and that we needed to have the nursery done in anticipation of his early arrival. At three weeks early it was cutting it close though. This little mans nursery was a labor of love! After having purchased nearly everything new from a store for Caleb, we took what we learned and DIY'd lots of Hudson's nursery. I have to say that it is my favorite room!

The quilt is one that my great-grandmother made. The colors go with the room, and it is so heavy and warm (which has been nice during the mid-night feedings).

I made the mobile (with an extra owl for Caleb so he would stop stealing this one), and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with it! I hope he likes it for a really long time, because it will be in this room until he is off for college.
The drapes were my nemesis, but they finally got lined and up just in time for Hudson to move into his room. My mom and I made the crib skirt since I was being WAY to picky to purchase on (why is it so expensive to just buy a crib skirt?!). With the left over fabric I made the pillow, it doesn't stay in his crib while he's in it.
Brad became an expert spray painter in the process, and I learned to let go of some control ;)



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