Introducing our newest little man...

23 October 2012

Hudson Oliver Ficek

Was born October 17, 2012

7:51 pm, 7lbs 13 oz


Hudson was born three weeks early, but we were pretty sure the whole pregnancy that they were off on his due date. It is funny, because you would think with your second pregnancy that you would know when you are in labor. I thought that it was in my head because I was convinced they had the date off, but what if they have it right and I'm crazy...etc. By the time we got to the hospital I was having contractions every 45 seconds or so which made getting an epidural a drawn out process. Overall, it was a fast and amazing experience.

This little guy came out looking very different from his big brother. His hair is the color of a raven, and his features are more petite. He loves to make facial expressions that resemble an old mans.

Hudson has been a huge blessing! Our hearts are filled to the brim and we are overjoyed. Caleb is such a proud big brother! The first day Hudson looked at Caleb, and Caleb grinned from ear to ear and said "he likes me". Caleb has taken the role of big brother very seriously. If he comes into the room and we're not holding Hudson, he'll ask in a very concerned voice "where's Hudson?". Caleb is constantly asking to touch or hold Hudson, and Hudson reacts to Caleb's voice. We are very excited to see these two grow up together, and have each other to play, laugh and rely on.

You are loved beyond belief, we are so blessed that God gave you to us!



Audra and Roger said...

Such sweet boys!

The Botts Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kendra!! What a cute little one! And I LOVE the name Hudson!! Hope you guys are doing well and I'm sure Caleb is one great big brother!!

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