Carving the Pumpkin

28 October 2012

We had planned on going to the pumpkin patch on Brad's birthday, but then Caleb came down with croup :( and a few days later we welcomed Hudson into our family. So instead of the cute pumpkin patch photos we have to settle for a Caleb at the grocery store photo. We have a Jack-O-Lantern though!

Of course Caleb wanted an Angry Bird jack-o-lantern, but he kept changing his mind which Angry Bird. We ended up with egg Angry Bird. So funny how he loves to play in the dirt, but didn't want to clean out the pumpkin. With the bribe of an M&M we were able to get him to pull out a couple handfuls of seeds.

This boy has always loved pumpkins! We have to set rules around the house for how we play, carry etc. with the pumpkin. They usually only last a few days around here. One of his favorite stuffed animals is a jack-o-lantern Grandma Jan bought him last.

Happy Halloween!!

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