Caleb turns 3

24 September 2012

Well Caleb has hit his third birthday. I can't believe how fast these past three years have gone, and how much he has grown. We had been talking up his third birthday for months, he was getting really good at saying "I'll be bigger on my birthday" and "I'm going to do ____ when I'm three". So on the morning of his birthday I asked how old he was, and he thought about it and told me he was three with such a big smile. My hormones are all over the place and I started crying (and have tears in my eyes now thinking about it)! He was so cute about making sure I was included in the birthday talk. If we sang Happy Birthday to him, we HAD to include my name in there or he would make us start over. Or if I called him the birthday boy, he would stop me and say "and birthday girl".


We decided to have his party after his birthday, but still wanted it to be a big deal for him. We had sticky buns for breakfast, went to the playground, got candy (most exciting thing for him), and did presents from us. We bought him a bunch of clothes, and every time he opened one he would say something polite, but disappointed "oh, more clothes" in a very monotone voice, or "I bet I know what this is.... Oh, thanks for the clothes guys". I was actually very surprised by how well he handled it, and so politely!

For his party we decided to just have family come, which is still a ton of people, but more manageable after the busy summer we've had. For months, maybe since early in the Spring Caleb has wanted an Angry Birds birthday party (cupcakes mainly), and we obliged. In true form, the day after the party he told me "but I wanted a Rio Angry Birds party", nice try dude.

The kids had their games, while the adults of course played Corn Hole in true Ficek family tradition ;)
This picture describes his personality at this age better than any words could, seriously!
The kiddos played the games, but honestly they would have been fine if all there was were the hammock. They only flipped over a couple of times ;). My cautious child however wasn't going to partake in any of it!

I totally forgot about candles, and luckily Grandma had these "trick" candles, but they scared Caleb to death. He looks terrified by his cupcakes, especially when they started sparking in his face... Oops! I don't think he is scared for life though, as he has asked for cupcakes nearly every day since.

Caleb has been into organizing like things lately, so it was fun to see him able to know what gifts went together based on the wrapping paper. I'm slightly biased, but I think he might just be the smartest kid.

Milestones and memories: This year Caleb has really gotten into singing, he loves music and tries to sing any song that he hears. He may know more pop songs than nursery ryhmes. He can count to 16, and recite most of the alphabet (lmnop needs a little work). His favorite toys are Cars 2 hotwheels, Thomas the train, and building houses with his Legos. His coloring now consists of targeting the actual object he is coloring, although he would prefer watercoloring. Caleb's imagination is endless, he can pick any object up and we will pretend play we are Cars characters, Rio characters or Toy Story characters. He loves to help make our coffee in the morning, and help in the kitchen when allowed. If you ask him what he dreamed about half the time he will say "nothing" and the other half "God and Jesus". Caleb is finally in a big boy bed, and we're so glad we waited. We have had no issues with him getting out once we place him in there, and he even waits for us to get him up in the morning. All in all he has grown into a kid this year! We can't wait to see what this next year has in store for him.


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Audra and Roger said...

Such a cutie! He's definitely a very smart kid but I would also say that he is one of the most polite kids I ever met, kudos to Mom and Dad. Can't wait to see pictures of his little brother, Hudson Hornet:)

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