Visiting the North Pole

06 August 2012

Brad had a big conference in Austin a couple weeks ago, so Caleb and I decided to go to Canon City with my mom to visit Grandma Jane and the Callahan's. While there we decided to take a trip down memory lane and introduce Caleb to the children's amusement park The North Pole.

I wasn't sure how Caleb would do. He is a very cautious child at times, and at other times he is very brave. The very first ride he went on was the sleighs, and Gah Jan went with him since the preggers women couldn't. It actually went pretty fast, and he LOVED it! I recorded his reaction after getting off the ride, pretty cute.

As the day went on it was hit or miss if he would like a ride. If someone, Gah, was with him it was fine, and if he had to ride alone it wasn't. With the exception of the roller coaster. We made him watch it go once so he could see how fast it went, and he still wanted to try it out. Once it got going he hated it, and was screaming and crying. When the ride stopped Gah told him it was alright, to which he replied "I am NOT alright". We couldn't stop laughing.

We got funnel cake after that, and gave Caleb his own plate so he wouldn't eat the whole thing ;) then he saw us dipping ours into the sugar, and gave up on the cake and went fist full into the sugar!

After that sugar high it was time to leave, but not before talking to Santa. Caleb wasn't scared of him at all this time. In fact he wanted to make sure Santa understood he wanted the big, talking Lightning McQueen for Christmas. As we headed out of the door Caleb turned back around to Santa and made sure he knew it was "the talking one"! Then in the parking lot we had tears because he had forgotten to ask for the other things. Good thing we have awhile before Christmas!



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