Springtime at the Zoo

09 July 2012

Whoops a daisy, forgot to update the blog for awhile again! Caleb and his cousins went to the zoo for the first time since zoo lights, and they had a BLAST!

All Caleb was wanting to see was the peacocks, and luckily they have them wandering throughout the zoo. Grandma took him to see one that was lounging in the shade, but it didn't want to put its feathers up for us. Later in the day we found another peacock that put his feathers up for us. Caleb was so excited, but we had to abandon ship when lots of people came around and the peacock started to come at us :/


We came across crazy coo coo bird (can't remember what it's called), and the kids had fun for a good twenty minutes watching it try to peck them through the glass.

A lot of the animals were still being kept elsewhere due to the temperature as well as due to the new exhibit being built. Caleb and the girls found drums to keep themselves entertained in this part of the zoo.

By the end of the day Caleb crashed. I think we succeeded in wearing him out ;)


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