Sort of our Anniversary

09 July 2012

A couple weekends ago Brad and I took a little staycation to celebrate our tenth anniversary... That's December 28th. Since we are expecting Hudson so close to our anniversary we decided to celebrate a little early.

We dropped Caleb off at his grandparents home and headed out. First we went to the Rockies game, and they actually won! We had been expecting for the fireworks show after the game to be the highlight. The fireworks were some of the most amazing I have ever seen, and Brad actually enjoyed them too! We were seated right under them, and it was like they were feet away from our faces.

The highlight for us was that we stayed in a hotel, which meant we had air-conditioning! All in all it was great being able to stay out as late as we wanted to, and just have some rest to prepare for the chaos that will ensue this November.


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