Roller Skating

23 July 2012

Last night Caleb had his first ever try at roller skating. It was funny watching him get used to the feeling! At first he tried walking in the skates, but after I got him the guide he learned how to roll better. Our church was having a fundraiser, and since Brad was out of town it was just Caleb and I. Being six months pregnant I couldn't exactly put on any skates, luckily we have some great friends that took him around the rink.

Most of the night however Caleb was skating on the carpeted area outside of the rink. It was nice because he could do it himself, and he really started to get the hang of it. He would sometimes get distracted by the games and skate off without the guide, getting a decent ways out and then falling :) All in all it went much better than I had anticipated, and Caleb had a blast.


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