Memorial Day

09 July 2012

For the long weekend we went up to Carter Lake and camped out. We hadn't been camping since moving to Texas, and it seemed so Colorado to me ;). The only thing missing was that camp fire due to the high winds (turns out that was a good idea since there have been so many fires lately). We got our s'mores from the grill though and all was right in the world.

Grandpa let Caleb "steer" the boat. We couldn't go out on the lake for quite awhile because of the wind, and turns out the second you do start the boat Caleb naps.

Kirianne stayed with us in the camper, and her and Caleb stayed up WAY too late! At first I tried to be okay with it, as I had always been mad at my parents when they made us sleep when the cousins were around, but eventually WE wanted to sleep!

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