Bowling and Zoo Lights and Santa Clause

06 March 2012

Zoo Lights

A few days before Christmas we took the kiddos to Zoo Lights. It happened to be a pretty mild night weather wise, and they LOVED all of the lights. This year Caleb was pretty enthralled with Christmas lights, and thought he was in heaven. He laid back in the stroller and just starred up into the sky. For some reason I can only find this one picture.


They saw Santa Clause, drank hot cocoa and didn't fall asleep! Caleb hadn't ever met Santa before (he's always been scared of people in costumes) and he wasn't a fan. We couldn't get a decent picture, but maybe next year.

Since the zoo lights Caleb isn't a fan of kangaroos. Whenever he comes across one in his books now he reminds us that he doesn't care for them ;) He apparently thought that light had something against him.

Santa Take Two

After the bad experience with Santa at Zoo Lights we thought we were done trying to get a picture of him with Santa. Then while we were out with friends eating lunch Santa showed up. We were able to convince him that he needed to tell Santa what he wanted so that he would get it for Christmas. What do ya know, it worked a we got a Santa picture, sort of.


Christmas Eve Bowling

Every Christmas Eve the Ficek's go bowling. This year Caleb got to join in and he had so much fun! He was so proud of himself even if his ball would roll one mile and hour.



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