North Pole, Next Door?!

05 December 2011

So everyone should know by now that we made a major move from our home in Texas back to Colorado. As we sold our home so quickly we had to move the week before Christmas. Thus, I was a little busy and you will be bombarded with posts.

We have lived next door to the Griswald's for the past 5 years. EVERY holiday is recognized by large inflatable decorations that send the dog into a hissy! However, after having Caleb we have embraced the decorations as he is in love with them.

This "train light" is still the topic of conversation even four months later. Caleb talks about going back to our house with the "train light". For you FC Plano peeps he also talks about going to his church. We have realized that with his growing vocabulary he was very much aware of the commotion.
We kept talking up moving to Colorado with Caleb, and he loves saying the word or especially hearing other people say it. It's like he's in on a secret ;) He also thinks Daddy drives a "Colorado big truck" and continually asked where the truck is now. He really loves living close to his cousins and grandparents, and we know without a doubt that we made the right decision!


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