Dallas Arboretum

05 December 2011

Caleb and I went with some friends to the Dallas Arboretum last we.  It was the first time that I had been in the six years we've lived here.  The weather was quite nice, and we were able to get quite a few good pictures of Caleb.  However, the majority are of him with his back to me, such is life with a two year old!

Of course Woody and Buzz had to come with us.  We can't ever leave home without a toy, and these two are usually the winners.  I have learned to accept it, and actually taking these toys with us makes for a much more enjoyable outing on my end (ifyouknowwhatimean) ;)

In other Caleb related news, our little guys vocabulary and personality are expanding quite a lot.  One of my favorite things Caleb does is say things are sery (aka silly).  Mostly he says "sery Ma..ma".  I.love.it!!  He is constantly cracking us up with his expressions.  When he doesn't know something he would just say "know", but he is now saying "I ...don't ...know" very slowly.

He's got all of his colors down.  He gets bored when we ask him what color things are too many times, and tries to mess with us about them.  He'll say it's another color, and then say "noooo" and smile.

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Audra and Roger said...

I just love his red curls:) I actually had a dream that we had a baby boy with red hair...I guess the boy part is coming true but if he has red hair I will be shocked. Best wishes for the move:)

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