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28 September 2011

We had our two year check-up for the little guy. He is still in the 97 percentile for everything. His stats are 38" long, 34 pounds even and he has a large noggin. He seemed quite "normal" to the Dr., boy do we have her fooled! The only thing that she was slightly concerned about was how much milk he drinks during the day. While discussing it with the Mr. at dinner, turns out I calculated wrong and he drinks about half what I estimated ;) no wonder they were concerned.

Before he got his shots, I prepared him by telling him they were going to give him medicine. He did really well with just a few tears, and those dried up the second he saw the Scooby Do bandaids they put on his boo boos.

The Doc also advised me to start potty training Caleb while he is closer to two than three. Apparently he'll want to please us more now, I have my doubts! So I guess I am going to have to come up with a strategy, but little man just doesn't seem interested.

A few nights ago it really started raining, and even though it was Caleb's bedtime we let him stay up and watch the rain. We sat on the front porch, and he thought it was the most exciting thing to listen to the thunder, watch the lightning and rain and most importantly stay up way past normal!

Caleb has really started to have an opinion on what Brad wears, and it is so funny. He'll tell him when something looks cool, he also subtly disapproves by trying to convince Brad to wear something else that is "cool". I was even putting the laundry away and he pulled out the shirt he had wanted Brad to wear a few days earlier and said "DaDa shirt cool"! Man I love that kid!!

Here are a few videos of Caleb's favorite things, throwing stuff so it goes crash and being thrown in the air. (Sorry that last one is sideways, I forget sometime ;)

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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