Another Year Older

20 September 2011

It's official my little man is now two years old!  When people kept telling me that one was the best year, I couldn't believe anything would be better than that little baby.  However, this past year has been a blast, and way more fun than I could have ever expected.  Caleb has developed his own personality and lets it be known.  Let me tell you what, he wants you to know that he is his own person too ;)

We celebrated his birthday with cupcakes of course!  For about two weeks leading up to his birthday he would ask about the party and immediately ask for cupcakes.  Of course he had been spoiled with nearly three weeks of being with Gahh (Grandma Jan) and thought that all he should be required to do was eat unhealthy and get whatever he wanted at the store.  To which Gahh responds with "of course that's what grandma's are for".  So we let him eat cupcakes everyday until they were all gone, I'm am such a sucker for that cute face!!

um, why is everyone watching me eat my cupcake?

is this okay? 
what the heck, it's a cupcake and I'm eating it!

Mommy and Caleb as the cupcake disappears.

Brad and Caleb open gifts
 It was fun to see Caleb be able to open gifts this year.  It was the first holiday he has really been able to do that.  It took a little while for him to catch on to the whole process though.  At first he opened the one gift and wanted to be done and play with his new toy.  Then when we finally would convince him to open another it was the same response, after the third gift I think he got the whole process.  He really did love everything he got!  I think that is what is so fun about this age, he is old enough to be into particular things and so he was so excited for the gifts that he got.

Caleb and Caroline, sorry the only thing Caleb let you touch was a cupcake!
 Caleb was so into all of his toys that he forgot how to share.  Quite embarrassing, but he decided that it was his birthday and he could cry if he wants to.  Okay now that is embarrassing, but I had to go there.  In all seriousness though most of the kiddos couldn't make it (Jake and Justin sorry you don't count as children, Jim you do (; ), and poor sweet Caroline just wanted to be allowed to play with one toy!  And once again my child was that child.  One of the biggest things that I have learned in the two years since becoming a mother is that you will be that mom and your kid will be that child and it is okay.  My boy is the sweetest kid on earth and I am so happy to be his Mommy!!  I think we all had a great time though, and some day when he's through the tantrum stage I'm sure we'll laugh about how many different ways we tried to deal with the tantrums.  Caleb will probably laugh at how well he could play his parents. 

Mom and Brad (can you tell I made them stand there?)
We ate so much food I thought my stomach would burst, but Brad's pico is just soooo good!  How lucky am I that my hubby loves to cook?!

Since Caleb and I share a birthday we celebrated mine on Sunday (which also happened to be our actual birthday).  We went to Cafe Brazil for breakfast, hello caramel latte, and after church we watched football, drank and ate Pluckers wings.  My amazing little brother got me an adapter for my iPad that lets me upload photos from my camera, so here is to me posting more!


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