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30 July 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates lately!  We were have technological difficulties getting photos to upload, and lets be honest, they're what we really want to see.  In order to play catch-up, we will do a quick run down of the last month.

Although lately it has been too hot to do much outside, we did start off the summer doing a lot of swimming.  Caleb started off the summer a little hesitant to be in the pool, but quickly became comfortable and wanting to be independent.  At first the baby raft worked nicely because it gave him some independence from others, but then he felt that he was to much of a big shot for that and wanted nothing to do with it. 
On a side note, we are trying to decide if we should cut Caleb's hair.  This photo shows how crazy his hair can get.  Brad and I are just really struggling with the thought of cutting it.  So please chime in and give us your take on it, to cut or not to cut.

I already posted some photos from the company picnic, but they were pretty grainy from the iPhone, so here are some better pics of our little man.  He LOVES this hat!

Not the best picture, but had to throw it in.  Caleb has been forced decided that he loves watching baseball with his dad.  He gets really in to it when they pitch the ball and starts cheering.  He never stood a chance ;)

I think it is required to become a ham at this age, and Caleb doesn't fail.   I LOVE that he isn't lacking for personality, I need to remind myself this at times!

Every year for Independence Day our church has a big family family gathering with activities, food and fireworks.  This year they sectioned off a whole area just for children under 5.  The big his was the large field with bubbles EVERYWHERE.  Caleb would stand right in front of the machines and just open his mouth :) His hair was soaking wet from all of the bubbles, but he had a blast!  I love the pure joy that children get from something as simple as bubbles.  I wish I had taken a video so you could hear the kids going crazy over these bubbles.

As you can tell from the photo, this activity wasn't as big of a hit!  We didn't even have enough time to capture him in the bounce house.  Lets just say it was a total failure!

 Caleb surprised us by being super patient waiting for the fireworks.  It isn't a big lake, but there is a lake that is at the back of the church. This is where they do the fireworks, and it is beautiful how they reflect off of the water.

 Happy belated 4th of July!


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klink said...

Love the hat! Must be this age. Liam is obsessed with wearing his straw fidora when we are out and about.

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