Surprise for Grandma

04 June 2011

  A couple of weeks ago Grandma Jan retired after many years of teaching at Shawsheen Elementary.  Even though we were just visiting a few weeks earlier, Grandpa Mike couldn't think of anything that Grandma would like more than to have the whole family there for her party.  The plan was hatched, and the three of us flew in to Colorado the Friday before her party that Sunday.  We had to stay out of sight for a few days, so we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Ficek.  How do you keep a sleep deprived boy occupied while you eat dinner?  Glenn showed him how to be a pirate of course!

 (Those are Mussel shells, yuck!)

The Big Surprise
The plan was to show up at the party shortly after Grandma was to arrive, but we somehow showed up a little before them.  When we got there the doors were still locked, Shanna called to find out if we were at the right doors.  The beans were spilled when she told Grandma "Brad tried every door", and said it a couple of times.  Luckily it was such a surprise that she didn't think anything of the slip-up.  I really wish we had gotten her reaction when she stepped off the elevator to see us waiting for her!  Lets just say there were lots of screams and tears.  Big points for Grandpa on this one!

 Oh the joys of having girl cousins :)

 This is the song that the staff wrote for Grandma's retirement.  

Husband of the year sacrifices his body when the kiddos get a little sleep deprivation

 A rare family picture

This is how Grandma, Caleb and I spent the last three days of our trip!  With weather issues and airline issues Caleb and I got stuck in Colorado a couple of extra days.  We spent those days driving to Denver, flight being delayed, eating, flight being delayed, shopping, delay, shopping, delay, eating, flight canceled, drive back to Greeley.


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