Summer Happenings

26 June 2011

First things first, sorry for the picture quality! Our camera is having problems uploading, so these are from the iPhone.

The first step on the road to being a "big boy" was getting rid of the high chair. We've had a booster seat at the dinner table for awhile, but now Caleb has his own table and stool that he sits at for breakfast and lunch.

Although we haven't officially started potty training Caleb, we whipped out his baseball potty and put it in the bathroom. When we put it there about a month ago he sat on it once, and now just points at it and says "potty".  We also put a "big boy" bed in his room for him to hopefully transition into with little stress on the parents, I have a feeling it won't be so easy though.

In other Caleb related news, he has really expanded his vocabulary. He is now connecting a couple of words together. He really likes letters, but it is still a total guess as to what letter it is. When asked what color something is he still instantly says "green", but will correct himself if you tell him what color it is. When we really want to impress someone with how smart our child is we'll point to a green object and ask him what color it is ;) He really likes to talk on the phone too, and holds it correctly and all. I think he would do this all day if we let him!  He also refers to himself as "you", we have tried to explain to him how you and me work but to no avail.  (Update: we now say everything is "blue")

Caleb loves this sensory box I made for him full of kidney beans!  We've had a few disasters mishaps, but for the most part he keeps the beans in the box.  (I seriously need to update the blog faster, as of when I typed this two weeks ago he was keeping the beans in the tub ;)

We have hit the terrible twos! Caleb is one of the sweetest little boys, gives kisses, loves to cuddle and laugh, but watch out he's testing us. Thanks to Grandma he now says "do it" all of the time! The bossiness was really cute for all of a day. I was told that he also wouldn't let anyone near the play kitchen at church. As in he was guarding it with his body, boy oh boy, I think we need to work on sharing.  (Another update, got the same report today at church, but this time with the trucks!)

We went to Brad's company picnic and had a blast in the pool and dancing to music.  As well as eating A LOT of food!  Cuter pictures to come when we figure out the deal with the computer and/or camera.

One of his favorite past times lately is to play copy cat. Anything you say he'll repeat, we have really started checking ourselves with what we say! He also thinks it is really fun to fake laugh. It is non-stop. I am so glad that he is such a happy boy!


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