Planes, Trains and Automobiles

01 May 2011

Uffda, flying with this little man was a lot more difficult than the last time!  However, he in all was very good.  It was convenient that the Robel's decided to tie the knot over Easter weekend, which allowed us to spend the holiday and extra time with family.  

Prior to the flight we thought we would try out which headphones worked best for Caleb, us smart cookies downloaded lots of Wonder Pets :)

We knew we wouldn't have a problem keeping Caleb entertained at the airport, he of course had lots of stuff to keep him occupied.  He didn't respond too well to being restrained on the plane, but once we got settled in he  did alright.  I don't think too many passengers wanted to strangle us ;)

Playing football with the "big boys"
 Caleb really thinks he is about 20!  We are going to have many broken bones in the future, but we love our rough and tough boy.

A Day with Family 
(our human family, not the animals)

 On Good Friday Grandma Jone, Grandma Jan, Aunt Shanna, Aunt Amanda & Uncle Garrett were all able to go with us to the zoo.  It was so much fun to hang out with everyone and spend the one nice day outside at the zoo.  Caleb was a little overwhelmed with everything going on that he didn't seem to get as excited about the animals as usual, but he had a blast with his cousins.

 Caleb LOVES making sea lion sounds, and even gets the hand motion going!

 "The Zoo Pic"

 Like I said earlier, we went to Colorado for a wedding, and it was Easter.  I have rambled on and not edited out very many photos, so I'll post those pictures in another update. 


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Audra and Roger said...

Looks like a fun trip to CO. Love the classic zoo picture!

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