Easter Weekend in Colorado

07 May 2011

The Saturday before Easter the Ficek clan went to the wedding of Austin and Shannon.  It was a really beautiful ceremony and reception.  In a day and age where being married is viewed as "just a piece of paper" it was really refreshing and encouraging to see a couple so centered on what the true values of marriage and family are.

  Most of the Ficek children

I love going to weddings, it always brings me back to our wedding day.  Going on nine years now, and I wouldn't change a thing!

 The Happy Couple
Mr. & Mrs. Robel

 Thank you to Aunt Shanna for watching the little guy overnight while we did the wedding thing, this little guy is a handful!  Sleeping in the same room a Kirianne actually worked out well, she said when they woke up in the morning she could here them just babbling talking to each other.

 Later that day we dyed Easter eggs (Caleb is now in luuurve with eggs)!  My smarty pants sister stripped the younger kiddos down to their undies and put them in the tub to dye the eggs.  Only problem is that we dyed the children too :)

Then when we went to Grandma & Grandpa Ficek's we walked right in to the beginning of  some more egg dying.  Yes, that is me still in the wedding dress.  I don't know what I was thinking, or how I made it out of two Easter egg dying experiences without getting any dye on the dress.


 After an amazing church service we headed over to the Ranous' for some good 'ol Easter egg hunting.  Unfortunately it was suppose to snow, so the Easter Bunny decided to leave the eggs indoors.

 (Yeppers, we feed our child like a dog)

  Sugar Overload!

It surprised us that he picked up the Easter Egg Hunt thing so quickly.  We are loving how involved this little man gets to be in holiday activities now.

We started opening all of Caleb's eggs and taking out the unapproved candies to give to the girls and then this following video shows what happened next...

 After the egg hunt we headed over to the Ficek household to have dinner and get some game time in with Brad's Aunt Darcy and Uncle Dave as well as his cousins Alex and Katie.  I guess we picked the right game, because once all of the adults started playing Scatagories the teenagers decided to leave the PlayStation and join us!

So that was pretty much our trip, it was really hard to get back to life as usual after such a fantastic time with our families (not to mention missing Grandma getting up with the little one every morning).


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