Spring Break

16 April 2011


Last week was spring break for Grandma and the Ranous' so they came for a little visit to Dallas! It was a ton of fun to see the cousins finally be able to REALLY play together. Although there are a few things I wish he hadn't learned from them, like dumping all of his kitchen toys out, and teaching him to not be afraid of the remote controlled car (I was excited at first about the car, but now I'm sick of the noise it makes). However, the fact that Aunt Shanna taught him how to act like a bear and lion more than make up for it.

The first day they were here Kailyn and Caleb had a hard time distinguishing between their two names. We would tell Caleb to bring us something and Kailyn would bring us what she had and vise versa. Within a day we could ask Caleb who Kailyn, Kirianne, Shanna or Grandma were and he'd point to the correct person.  Caleb LOVED the "dots" on Grandma's shirt, and I'm still finding them all over the house.

On Monday it was actually pretty cold. We tried taking the kids out back to play, but the adults had to call it quits. So we went to the mall and let the kiddos run off their energy there, we had to go to American Girl (the girls, not the little man), and had a fabulous dinner at Grand Lux Cafe.  I have only been there a few times, but every time we have had amazing service. 

We also took the kiddos to the petting zoo. I was surprised that Caleb wasn't afraid of feeding the goats at all. His whole hand was in their greedy mouths at one point.  The second we walked up the goats knew what we were there for, and they knocked Kailyn's whole cup out of her hand!

 The baby goats had to sneak their heads through the wire to get any feed since the adults were so greedy.

My silly boy enjoyed the chickens the most. He is a bird lover, I think he just likes saying 'tweet'. They also had a dirt garden area.

All in all the kiddos had a blast, and they get to see each other again in a short few days!


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