Over Due and Updates!

10 April 2011

I apologize for slacking off on the updates! It has been so warm out that we haven't been home much lately (that and I needed to buy a new camera battery, but was again slacking).

Caleb has had so much growth in communicating with us as well as with understanding us and his surroundings. He can pretty much understand any commands we give him such as bring me your sippy, or let's get dressed. He has a lot of words in his vocabulary now, but a lot of them only we can understand.

Some words he's saying are:

Caleb is an animal LOVER, but loves fish the most. We took him to PetSmart a couple of weeks ago and he had to touch every fish tank and say fish (I'm sure the employees just loved us). If he sees a fish on anything he squeals and says fish over and over.

We moved Caleb to a booster seat at the dining table and he feels like such a big boy.
Sometimes I'll just catch him standing at his seat just saying "chair". We've let him use a fork for food that he can stab and won't fall off, but Brad let him feed himself his entire dinner the other night with little scraps hitting the floor!

Our little man is all boy, and grunts around the house. He has become quite the lover of
cars. He will even make his toast into a car and say "vroom, vroom". His cousin Kailyn showed him how to use his remote controlled car that Aunt Karin got him (previously he would cry for fear of it).

Something really fun is the patterns that Caleb makes out of things. He'll take his food and sort it into different parts of his tray. He took the garden seed packets and put one clump of dirt on them all. He will take his toast and put a slice of banana on each piece. All in all we think our kid is pretty much the smartest kid out there ;)

Caleb's cousins visited (along with Grandma Jan and Aunt Shanna), but I'll put all of that fun stuff in another post as I've gone on long enough.


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