Cabin Fever!

07 February 2011

 Thanks for my snow shoes Aunt Shanna, I finally got to wear them!

We were stuck in the house most of last week, and I cannot deny that all three of us are ready to get back to life as normal.  The cabin fever was unbelievable, I didn't know it could get that cold in Dallas.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weren't so bad as far as the snow was concerned it was just really cold and led to a huge build-up of ice.  We thought that we would finally be able to leave the house come Friday since most of the ice had worn off the roads, but we woke up to this.  Dallas just wasn't prepared to handle removing that.  The funniest line I heard all week was from an ESPN writer who said "if your solution to ice is throw more dirt on it, you shouldn't host the Super Bowl"

 Here is a little video taken during our time stuck in doors.  Please don't mind all of the mess, and especially the fact that only Caleb was out of his pajamas over the span of about a week ;)  It is so much fun to watch him pretend with his toys!  We are all boy around here

We couldn't take it anymore by Saturday, and we embarked on the yard.  By this time a lot of the snow had melted so it was mostly slush, but still fun for Caleb.

 That was our attempt at a snowman, but the snow was to wet!

You can hear the snow melting like crazy in the video, so sorry for all the noise!   Also, check out the step when Caleb is crawling up it, that is all ice under that snow!


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