The Pain of Teething!

15 January 2011

Ours, not his!  Well he probably is in some pain too.  Caleb is a little on the late side of teething, but all of his molers plus two more bottom teeth have decided that they need to come in all at once.  Which leaves us with a cranky baby who won't sleep, won't play by himself, wants to be held constantly and drools all over the place.  Just in time for Grandpa to come visit!

New favorite thing of the week is putting things on his feet.  This could be his blocks, my slippers, toy cars, you name it he's done it.  The funny thing is that he knows when things are not suppose to go there and he starts cracking himself up.  He also thinks that every electronic is a cell phone and holds it up to his ear.  He has learned how to open my phone and pushes all of the buttons, so if you get a random call from me it is probably Caleb!

Brad is starting him young!

I realized that I hadn't updated Caleb's stats from his 15 month check up.  It still looks like he is going to have his daddy's head at 19 1/2" and 97%, he is 28lbs and 85% and 33 1/2" tall in the 100%!   Caleb's extreme height is starting to make our lives a little more interesting.  He can reach things that are too close to the edge of the counter.  I will find things on the floor and say "hey how did that get there?", so there is a little more caution going on with what we are leaving on the counters.  He is also really starting to try and climb over the hallway barricade as well as the edge of his crib (before I could post this he climbed over it, darn).  I am not looking forward to these milestones one bit, I think I might be loosing some control!

I am a little picture happy, sorry :)


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