I'm a big boy now!

25 January 2011

 A couple of weeks ago Grandpa Glenn and Uncle Tyler came to visit and helped us repair our fence in the backyard.  We were working almost the entire time, so there aren't too many pictures, but we got a few.  Caleb really wants to be a big boy, and do everything that the big kids or adults are doing.  He had a small shovel and was helping Daddy and Grandpa dig the holes for our fence posts.  He is truly a boy, and did not mind be totally covered in mud as it rained the.entire.time!!  Caleb also will pull the dish rags out of the drawer and wipe down the cabinets (I think he might be trying to tell me something).

His newest thing is to pretend anything and everything is a cell phone (again I think he is trying to tell me something).  However, the real deal doesn't even compare to a banana phone!  I didn't really care until Caleb started getting on the internet on the phone and now email messages keep popping up, ugh.  We also love to play on the computer, iPad and use the remote. 

 I don't know if you can see, but that is a UT Longhorn on the phone... Tyler has already started to brainwash the poor child.

 Again wanting to be a big boy he loves wearing Daddy's hats, our shoes and anything else that might be laying around (including my slippers which he rips right off of my feet).

It is so much fun that he is starting to remember people, even if he doesn't see them for awhile.  The second Grandpa walked through the door Caleb got really excited!

Let us leave you with a little dance number (apparently dizzy is the the new dance move)


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