We're Famous! {Okay, Maybe Not!}

02 December 2010

Hey everyone, WE'RE FAMOUS, but not really.  The city of Richardson took some video this summer, and we're in both!  This first video is from National Night Out.  Richardson won 1st in the nation for participation, and our home can be seen throughout the video as our neighborhood hosted our NNO right out front of our home.  You can also see our hinneys but not much else of us as Caleb was very afraid of McRuff. 

This video was taken in a segment about the child programs at the local library.  Caleb and I are in the first part of the video several times. 

I love our neighborhood, and not just because they put us in some videos.  Well, maybe, but really it's because it feels like a very tight knit community of folks who care about others.  We are truly blessed!

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