Santa's Village

06 December 2010

This weekend we took Caleb to Santa's Village, a village of child size gingerbread houses that the city of Richardson puts up every year.  We didn't go during the time you can go into each house, but Caleb didn't seem to care anyway since all he really wanted to do was run up and down the ramps.  My goal was to get a really cute Christmas picture of the little guy, his goal was to make sure I couldn't capture his face on camera!  

When we first showed up he was running so fast that he fell on his face a couple of times.  Can you tell he was a little excited seeing all of the fun buildings!?

Oh, you want me to stay up here to get a picture, hahaha!

Seriously, there is nothing like seeing pure enjoyment on a child's face.

Even though I still couldn't actually get his face on film, I think this is a pretty darn cute photo!

Yay, he's sitting still in front of the tree... ugh it's blurry

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