Happy Birthday Jesus!

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!  It has been a very different Christmas than we have ever celebrated in our 8 years of marriage.  We stayed in Texas this year and started our own family traditions.  We are missing all of our family in Colorado, but have a great time.  Christmas Eve morning we were watching the Santa Tracker and listen to Christmas music.  Of course Caleb wanted to take an extra long nap on the day we actually HAD to be somewhere at a certain time.  We went to Christmas services last Sunday, so we were just volunteering with our respected childrens groups on Christmas Eve.  The ladies who watch Caleb in the nursery said that he was, and I quote "macking on all the girls".  They said he was following them around giving them hugs and kisses.  I think we might have our hands full in a few years!  We came home and made some cookies for Santa {Caleb was not a fan of the m&m's in them} and had some Gourmet Grilled Cheese and homemade La Madeline's Tomato and Basil Soup.  Caleb's had broccoli chopped and hidden inside, as he has started to rebel against vegetables :(

Now to the fun stuff!  Of course we had sticky buns for breakfast, Caleb could get used to all of this sugar for breakfast in the morning.  We decided to do all of the gifts on Christmas morning.  So here is some video and photos of this morning {we're having problems with the sound, so we'll upload the videos when we get it figured out}.  In Ficek tradition Santa dropped some oranges in the stockings.  This is all Caleb really needed, well that and the bad that he carries them in.

The kitchen that Santa brought is a huge success.  He didn't even want to finish his sugar breakfast so that he could continue playing, and you know that is something coming from our foodie!  It has kept him entertained all morning, and I could even have the dishwasher open without sticky hands coming in for a landing.  Goal achieved!!

{Sorry for the not so great shot of the play kitchen, it is cloudy today.  I am pretty proud of it, so I'll brag show you some more another day!}

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts!  Caleb was a little overwhelmed at first, but he is making his rounds.  


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