Thanksgiving, YUMM!

27 November 2010

We had another fabulous Thanksgiving, and it finally cooled down so that it felt like Thanksgiving instead of the middle of summer.  I was worried that Caleb wouldn't let us get all of the cooking done, but he was great.  I guess that he listened to the "rules" we set for Thanksgiving that all we do is eat, watch football, and be lazy!

Here is my little helper.  He is never too far from me, but he sure finds things to do wherever he is.  Whenever I am in the kitchen he gets into the tray dividers and pulls out the cookie dry rack or the stone bake handle. 

Obviously this was taken before the Cowboys went and lost :(

Again, Brad smoked the turkey and it was fab.u.lous.  It is always very good, but it was exceptionally good this year!

Okay, I know it was official long before, but look at us dorks.  What can I say other than we love food!

Therefore, it is no wonder that our child has some... oddities. 

Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree, and surprisingly Caleb has done very well with leaving it alone.  I don't know how long that will last, but I'll take it!

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