Vacation Update

19 October 2010

So we just got back 5 days ago from our vacation to Colorado.  I have learned to set my expectations low about actually getting some relaxing time away from the babe, but Caleb was GREAT on this trip.  He finally allowed other people to hold him, and other than the initial cry if we left he was fine being with everyone.  The Hubs and I also got to have a date YAY!
 The road trip wasn't as bad as I had imagined either.  I guess I must be a pessimist inside ;)  Other than throwing things at the dog he was pretty darn good!

 We went to Kailyn's soccer game and Caleb ran away from Aunt Shanna and onto the field, I guess we have a future soccer player on our hands!

Robel's and Ficek Reunion  (so this picture didn't turn out as good as I thought.... sorry).  I have never heard Caleb be so LOUD in my life.  From the second we walked in the door he was screaming at the top of his lungs, out of sheer enjoyment of hearing his voice.  Poor Emma is probably traumatized now, that sweet quiet child.

 I was determined to go to Estes even though it was very warm out.  But I got some great pictures, and isn't that really all that matters?  After all we don't really get to see the fall colors here.

 We celebrated Brad's birthday by having the Morgan's and Ficek's take over Jone & Glenn's Home (thanks again!).  I think Dan might be installing a swing next summer for the girls

 Aunt Shanna don't you know not to give babies a "brain freeze" geeze!  Haha, too much ice cream here

 We finally got to meet little Charlie!!  What a cutie, and another very quite baby.  I am starting to get the picture that maybe it isn't normal to be as loud as my baby is :)

Thanks for the great memories everyone!

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