Summer's End

08 September 2010

It has been a VERY busy week filled with family, celebration and Labor Day. Caleb's Auntie's Karin and Amanda drove down to spend some time with us and help celebrate Caleb's birthday. He quickly feel in love with both of them and would get upset when either left the room. On Friday the three of them and Dad went to the park to enjoy the cooler weather.

The red heads enjoy some bonding time!!

We had the mattress' out on the living room floor for Karin and Amanda, however Caleb thought they were for him. He would run back and forth, shaking his arms from side to side, bury his face in the pillows and then throw his arms up in the air. He was doing this for a good hour. Towards the end we finally got the video camera out, so he wasn't going as crazy in the video but still very funny.

This is one of Caleb's new things. He scrunches up his face like this and kinda whines. For some reason he thinks it is really cute, and it is really not! (okay, maybe it is kinda cute)

Uh Oh, I got caught

Does the little man have Grandma and Grandpa trained or what!?!

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