One Year of Blessings

13 September 2010

One year ago Brad and I were blessed with a wonderful little boy! We had dreamed of this time in our lives for so long, but nothing could have prepared us for how amazing it would be. In the past year we have enjoyed so many great memories with our little man, and every day has been more fun than the last. I couldn't be luckier to share my birthday with anyone else (except maybe my Aunt Jeanne).

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday (little man's birthday), so we decided to take him out to breakfast before ditching him for the rest of the day. He ate the entire plate full of silver dollar pancakes, surprise surprise!

Lucy was loving all over Caleb, but it took a little while for him to warm up to her. It is funny because he is generally more scared of the little dogs than the big ones. I think they must have more energy or something. This was before the rehearsal dinner, so then we dropped him off at the Gwisdala's where he spoiled their dogs with Cheerios. We are so blessed to have amazing friends who were willing to watch our child this weekend, Thanks guys!

As for ME, this was an awesome birthday present. We got a night out without the little man in tow! Here we are at the Antoniello's Wedding.

Here is the beautiful couple, Congrats!

....and what could make the weekend any better? A Cowboys win, okay that didn't happen, but we are very excited for the beginning of the football season!

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