21 August 2010

We now have a monkey loose in the house! Caleb finally figured out how to get up onto the couch and onto the breakfast bar (which was just moved to here, and at this moment I refuse to move it again).

After many tears, his and mine, I think that we know not to climb onto the bar. The couch however is a different story, no matter how hard I have tried to get him to stay down he just crawls back up. Now he laughs when he gets up onto the couch and stares you down. Now to figure out how to keep the nasty drool marks from staining the cushions!

Caleb is also a cuddler, and he tries to climb you when he's in your lap (but don't dare try to put him down!). He also points to what he wants now, and thinks that if you are holding him and he points to where he wants to go you will take him there. It only took me about a week to figure out that he had turned me into his own personal scoffer. It is fun though to finally be able to have some kind of communication with the little guy.

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Donna said...

So cool. He's beautiful! I wish mine was a cuddler!

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