The Difference A Couple Months Makes

11 August 2010

I can't believe the summer is almost over and my baby (more toddler than baby) is almost one!! I think I have said it before, but I don't know when he switched over from baby to toddler terror. I was getting together some photos for his birthday party when I came across a video that was taken at the beginning of the summer. It cracked me up because he is still barley crawling. Then I remembered that at that point he couldn't sit up on his own, get anywhere very fast and eat much more than mushy foods or cereal.

Caleb learned to give kisses this summer, and they are really, really wet. He also likes to hug and cuddle, can't say that I mind. :)

Caleb doesn't have an inside voice yet. Taking him to the grocery store is really funny, probably not to the rest of the shoppers but whatever, he talks (screams) at everyone he sees. However, if they look at him or come near him he gets shy.

Caleb loves to scale the furniture, and amazingly enough we have only had a few bumps and bruises from this.

.....and this is my new found nemesis. This picture was taken about a week ago, and today he actually made it up onto the hearth. Ugh, the battle begins. I removed him many a time, with many tantrums. Then he decided I just don't care and climbed up there, turned to look at me and smiled. I have to admit it is pretty hard to resist that smile.

The following video is some of his first steps. He was up to about 4-5, but has decided lately to my delight that he doesn't want to walk alone. He does however stand on his own (for a few weeks he would only do this if he didn't realize he was doing it).

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