A Week With Family

13 July 2010

My Mom, sister and her girls came to visit us for the week. We had a blast, and I finally wasn't outnumbered by boys! Caleb loved having his cousins to play with and was happy just watching them play as well. The week was a little bit cooler due to all of the rain, so we spent most of our time outside. The first day we played with bubbles out in the front lawn. The girls (mainly Kailyn) would blow them (Kirianne thought she was blowing bubbles) and Caleb would try to catch them. Later that day we went to the park and played on the swings and slides.

The girls found one of Brad's baseballs and had it laying around when Caleb found it, picked it up, and was playing with it in his left hand. I had to snap a picture because this would make Daddy's day for sure!!

Caleb really enjoyed his cousins, however I'm not so sure how much Kirianne enjoyed him. After being the baby for three years she wasn't too happy to give that title up. It's as if Caleb knew and wanted to win her over with his open mouthed kisses. However, I think this just scared her more because she kept saying "He's trying to bight me".

Please ignore the big muddy dog print on the carpet. I was trying to figure out a way to crop that out of this picture, but it is impossible, and this is just too cute of a picture to pass up! More bites, I mean kisses.

Brad took a day off of work so we could all go to the Fort Worth Zoo. I just knew that Caleb would have a blast because he loves being outside and watching animals so much. From the moment we walked through the gates Caleb was squealing with excitement. I truly enjoy getting to experience his firsts with him! It is like discovering the world all over again for the first time. I tried to get his reaction on video, but he also enjoys the camera so much that he got distracted and it isn't as good as prior to the video.

You can feed the birds in this one area. The girls really wanted to do it, I thought it would be stupid (in truth I am a little scared by birds). Mom convinced me to do it for Caleb, she still knows how to get me to do what she wants, so we did it. Turns out I have a brave little boy. Caleb kept trying to reach for the birds and pick them up. At one point he actually was able to touch one, and then the second his fingers hit the feathers he jumped! I am so glad that we ended up doing it.

The girls enjoyed all of the "animals" at the zoo.

Our "Baby Chicks" (Caleb was passed out in the stroller at this point).

Kailyn had found a box of mine that has all kinds of trinkets of mine from when I was a kid prior to going to the zoo. Some of those trinkets were pennies that I had gotten stamped from different places that I had been as a child. She thought that they were so neat, and kept going to the box (we had to move it). When we found this machine at the zoo we knew we had to get her a penny.

It had been foretasted to rain the day of our trip, but we were not going to give up on our outing to the zoo. It was overcast and wonderful, although a little humid (okay a lot humid). The rain held off most of the day, and you can see in this picture it is drizzling a little. At the end of the day as we headed off to the ride the train as we had been promising all day long the rain started to downpour. We went into the Museum of Living Art to escape the rain and told the girls that we would go ride the trains once the rain stopped. Well, the rain didn't stop but got worse and worse. Pretty soon we could see the paths outside were getting flooded. We decided to pack it in and go home. Mom, Caleb and I were in the back of the group as we left. After looking down at our feet to make sure we wouldn't slip, and wade through calf high flooded paths a group of employees told us we were going the wrong way and we had to go back the other way. We were so defeated we went under one of the gazebos to regroup and had to get a ride to the entrance on one of the zoo's golf carts. All in all it turned out to make for good stories in the future!

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Michael and Tiffany said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the pics of Caleb giving kisses. What a ham! I can't wait to see you all again.

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