Happy Fourth of July!

05 July 2010

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, although I think I say that about almost every holiday, and is probably one of Brad's least favorite holidays. However, he did give in and we watched fireworks this year!! I am so happy to have a child as an excuse to get Brad into the holiday spirit.

We started off the day watching some soccer. I must say that Daddy is pretty happy that Caleb likes sports. Look at that face, he's really getting into it!

We then went to the Saturday evening service at our church to play games and watch the fireworks. The series is "At the Movies", they have the series every summer and you get popcorn and movie theater concessions. Not necessarily my favorite series they have, but Rocky is better than the last one we went to which was Jaws.

Sorry the photo is all blurry, Daddy didn't want to take a break from shoveling the food in for fear that Caleb would get disinterested.

Hurricane Alex tried to ruin our fireworks, but it passed in time to get the show on the road and our butts a little damp. Caleb surprisingly was content sitting on the grass people watching, which made both of us REALLY happy. He would stare at someone until they made eye contact and then smile, giggle and wave, have I mentioned that we have a pretty awesome baby?

Look at the other red head in the background, that one held up the stereotype!! Caleb held up pretty well considering it was a couple hours past bedtime.

All of the children were swimming and playing in the baptismal pool, hope there is chlorine in there. The fireworks were on the other side of the lake, it was really pretty and the reflection off the lake was spectacular! I wish I had pictures of the fireworks, but my camera battery died just after I took this picture :(

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