Gecko Catcher

26 July 2010

When we first moved to Texas I thought it was so cool that geckos were always around. Now they provide evening entertainment. While we had the front door open to say good night to some of our friends a new friend thought he would make his entrance.

Now this isn't the first time that a gecko has made its way into our house, but it is the first time that one has been so Wiley. Usually when one enters our home it just stays on the brick floor and the animals play with it for awhile. Last night the thing jumped from the front door to the wall and was playing peekaboo behind the blinds and drapes. I couldn't get a real good picture because the thing was moving so fast.

When Brad got close to capturing the thing it jumped over to the china cabinet. We got a broom out to try to coax it out from under the cabinet, but it started climbing up the wall. Once we moved the cabinet, look what we found! I think that they may carry their babies on them because we found a baby one last summer too after the momma had entered the house. When I opened the front door to let the baby go there was another baby on the threshold.

Here is a better picture of the momma gecko. It is one of the largest ones that we have had around here.

Hopefully we are gecko free now!

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