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11 June 2010

I finally understand why my Dad would get so frustrated when we would play with the packaging of a gift/toy. Caleb has decided that his favorite toys are the coasters, paper (we love to eat this too), cords and at the number one spot his nasal aspirator. He carries that thing with him everywhere, and throws it at the dog (now it is Tegan's favorite toy as well).

We got Caleb a push walker/car last weekend and he is slowly learning how to use it. Although we do usually let go and fall on our face. It has helped him though, we are now walking with the help of Mom and cruising along the furniture. It is so funny when I am walking him because he looks like he's marching. Always belly first with his knees clear up in the air! We love to try to walk over to the dog and "woof" at her (always gets giggles), although Tegan doesn't like the idea of Caleb walking and never lets us catch up.

Mommy's favorite thing this week is that Caleb has started saying "Mom". It is usually just like that, hardly ever "Mama" or "Ma". I made him say it all day yesterday. I think he knows what he's saying, but it is hard to tell.

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