Not a Baby Any Longer

28 June 2010

I don't really know when it happened, but I don't feel like my little man is a baby anymore. He's on the verge of walking, doesn't want to eat that baby food stuff, definitely has an opinion on just about everything, and needs a new closet full of clothes!

Look at me, I finally figured out this walker thingy! Mommy isn't quite ready for it though, if you notice I can't bring myself to get too far away while he's on the go.

I love this picture, this is truly how he looks most of the day. The magic power of the tongue helps us do all things. I think he probably even sleeps with his tongue hanging out (maybe he got it from the dog)!

Lately Caleb has been really excited to see his DaDa come home from work. He starts bouncing and when Brad walks through the door he starts squealing and laughing. Tegan has always done this, so as you see in the photo Brad's car just pulled up and Tegan is on the lookout. Then Caleb knew that DaDa was home so they both waited at the front door.

Okay, not the highest quality picture. We went to a birthday party this weekend and Caleb's favorite part was the new toys to play with. The funny part was see that horse in the background? It makes noise and moves it's nose and head. Brad started it and tried to put Caleb on it and he just started crying. That would be why while all the other children are hovering around it my child is being the loner out in front by himself. He would not go near that thing the rest of the time we were there.

Look at this cutie!! Congrats to the Torres' on their new addition. She was exactly the same size as Caleb when he was born, but how quickly you forget how little they are. I picked her up and felt like I was holding nothing (granted I am usually carrying a chunk around most of the day). Ohhhh baby fever!

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