Happy Father's Day

21 June 2010

We were hoping that Caleb would say DaDa by Father's Day. No such luck, although Brad does think that Caleb calls him BaBa (Caleb calls everything BaBa.... shhhh don't tell). Caleb did however give the great gift of being good during Church. He didn't even have to go in the bye bye buggy this time. We went to pick him up and were shocked that he wasn't being held by one of the caregivers. He was actually playing very nicely with another boy at the table.

We had a GREAT steak for dinner, as you can see Brad was drooling over it before it even hit the grill. On a side note, I almost ran the grill over backing out of the garage this morning (I don't know how it got there!).

This is the sight that I get to see after every nap. We learned how to stand up in our crib, and it is fun to let go and fall on the mattress too!! Caleb is wanting to walk and stand on his own even though he can't (we have many crashes). My back is killing me most of the time though because we do walk constantly with the help of Mommy. And don't try to stop, the biggest tantrums of all come when you stop moving (unless of course we get distracted by the nasal aspirator).

We can't wait to show off our skills to Grandma Jan and Aunt Shanna in a couple weeks, and of course learn all kinds of new tricks from our cousins!

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