Company Picnic with Lots of First's

11 June 2010

Today Brad had a company picnic, and it was a blast. We went to the Village Country Club where we cooked out, had music, games, swimming and overall just a really good time! Caleb got a little spoiled with all the attention and FOOD (because we all know how much Caleb likes food).

Caleb got to experience the pool for the very first time. He was very tentative, but enjoyed it a lot.

Daddy thought that it would be good to give Caleb a Snow Cone, and naturally you should give a child Cherry so that it really stains their clothes!

Doesn't he look like he's in a Coke add? I know these pictures may shock some of you, but you are not seeing it wrong that is a Coke cup not a Pepsi Cup (and no that isn't soda inside that cup!)

Caleb doesn't care that the music has stopped, he's still want's to jam!

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Justin said...

This kid is awesome

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