Easter 2013

02 April 2013

We celebrated our risen King at Grandma and Grandpa Morgan's house, and the kids had a blast! I think Caleb understands Easter a lot better this year.
It is so much fun having the babies be so close in age, they truly do entertain each other. We put both babies on the playmat and were able to get through all of dinner with them there! The older cousins get along so well also, it is awesome to watch them interact. Kailyn can control Caleb like none other, and he doesn't even mind (most of the time ;) I'm sure they get into more trouble than we know of!
We gave the kiddos their own color eggs to hunt for this year. It seemed to help, but Caleb was still a little confused. He got lots of help from everyone though ;)

This was the golden egg, hello sugar high ;)


Rolling Over!

28 March 2013

Yesterday I turned around to see Hudson on his tummy after I had placed him on his back. We have been waiting for over a month for him to finally do this, in hopes that he'll sleep better now. Not only did that not happen, he won't do it again. Same thing for rolling the other way. He's done it, but it's like he doesn't know HOW he did it :/ Oh well, sleep is for sissies, and he is on his way.



Creepiest bunny e.ver!
We were shopping, and the sales lady talked up the Easter bunny so much to Caleb! He wanted a picture so bad, and when we saw the bunny the adults were terrified ;) Not Caleb though
Again, these boys love each other! Caleb gets tired of holding Hudson, but I don't think Hudson ever would!

This is Shanna's fault! Not sure I can dye eggs anywhere else ever again. I'm not freaking out telling a three year old over and over to be careful, and my son thinks I'm the coolest ;)


Hudson at Five Months

Hudson is now five months old!!
He weighs 15 lbs 3 oz
He is still all smiles, but he isn't as quiet. When he wants you he will let you know, and he babbles constantly.
He no longer is sleeping through the night :( which has been pretty rough on both Brad and I. He has some separation anxiety, which I think is part of the problem. This kid LOVES people!
Hudson wants to be such a big kid. He will watch Caleb and other children and attempt to move towards what they are doing. Unlike his brother, this distracts him from eating ;)

His favorite thing is probably his brother, which warms my heart like none other :)


Hudson's First Foods

Hudson had his first taste of solid foods a couple of weeks ago. At first he wasn't so sure about it, but after he let it sink in, he couldn't get enough. The first couple of days he would cry because I couldn't shovel the food in fast enough!

The food list thus far:

1. Cereal/Oatmeal

2. Applesauce

3. Carrots


February Happenings

10 March 2013

It has been a very busy last couple of months. Brad started a new job, we spent every weekend looking at houses near his new job, had our first Dare 2 Share conference with our youth group as well as just the normal craziness that is our life ;)
Some of our Texas friends were passing through Denver while vacationing in Aspen. We were able to meet up with them at this cute little restaurant. The wait was about an hour, glad our kid is so distracted by iPhones!
Hudson is enjoying some bonding time with his newest soon to be uncle. This year our family is growing so so fast with our newest addition, two new cousins and two new uncles!

Brad and I find ourselves saying over and over how blessed our life is. God is so good and faithful! We are in an amazing season of our life, and can't wait to see what God has planned for us in the future.


Hudson at Four Months

Hudson had his four month check-up, his stats are:
Weight = 14 lbs 5 oz (25th percentile)
Height = 26" (75th percentile)
These two brothers love each other! Hudson is so interested in everything Caleb does, and Caleb can always get a smile out of this little dude!
Hudson can now hold himself up, and really enjoys grabbing and pulling on toys. He is still working on rolling over, and has come so close. It won't be long!
Hudson is such a happy boy, we can't say it enough! He has started to enter the stranger anxiety phase, and when tired only Mom and Dad will do.

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